A truly free trial

To check that your our way-of-working matches yours, we want to be as sure as you do that Ultralysis is the right system for you.  So rather than endless emails, PowerPoints and fancy brochures, we are simply confident enough to let you try the system, for free.

By free, we actually mean free.  No commitment, no set up charges, no pre-payments, no cancellation charges, nothing.  Our only goal here is to make sure that you like the way Ultralysis works.  Of course, we do think that once you do try it, you will absolutely love it!

This truly is a “nothing to lose” offer.  We would recommend you trial any system before subscribing to it.  We offer the trial because we know 99% of users will love what we do.  And for the 1% that don’t, we are happy to establish the fact before we start to work together.

Free trial facts

  • To trial Ultralysis, you will need to have some POS data.  This can be from any source.  If it is something we have not worked with before, we will create a solution for you at no charge for the trial.
  • The trial will generally run for one month, but we are flexible.  If you need a few extra days or weeks, then we will extend the trial at our discretion.
  • The trial can be customised.  If you find that something is missing for you, then we will create additional pages at no charge.  This gives you a chance to assess our superior service level.
  • We will sign a confidentiality agreement around your data.  If after the trial you wish NOT to proceed, then this agreement binds us to wipe your data from our system.  We have no interest in your data other than to provide you with analysis services, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.  Our reputation for confidentiality speaks for itself with our existing clients.

One tiny smallprint…

The only footnote here is that you must contact us from a known, active company that already has access to retailer data.  Size is not an issue.  We provide our free trials to single-sku companies, and to huge multinationals.  However, we can’t provide a trial to a company that is not actively selling products already.  Other than this, the trial is completely open to you.  Simply use the Contact page to get in touch.

Get in touch

Contact us to get started with a free trial of Ultralysis