EPOS DATA PROCESSING done better than anybody else.

It’s what we started out doing in 2007,and it’s what we remain the best at.  Taking your EPOS data and creating industry-leading analytics for your users.

Retailer data is only powerful when you are able to turn it in to something usable.  Ultralysis automatically does the tedious analysis work for you.  You are left with clean, beautifully distilled insights, generated at speeds that leave traditional methods in the dust.  Available for any retailer data source, your business really can’t afford to be without our system.

Ultralysis goes beyond old price/quality paradigms to deliver sheer excellence at every step. Our EPOS data visualisation systems make competitor systems look dated, and our budget-friendly pricing guarantees you great value.

Sheer Excellence without compromise

The mark of a good data visualisation system is in its ability to take a mass of numbers, and provide a way to interrogate that data in a more useful and simple way.  There are plenty of good systems out there that offer a suite of fixed reports, or attempt to differentiate by offering “self-serve” reporting.

Many of our clients quickly hit the limits of good systems as soon as they require custom calculations, custom layouts, or even basic levels of flexibility.  That’s when it’s time to turn to excellence. Excellence is Ultralysis.

When you engage us to work with your retailer data, you also engage us as your data enthusiasts.  Wherever we spot an opportunity or weakness in the way that we are presenting your data, we work behind the scenes to make your system even stronger, as part of our normal service.  We understand that as businesses become more data-savvy, their analysis system need to progress too.  Our clients enjoy regular major feature updates that keep them curious about their data, enabling them to find problems and patterns with minimal effort.

We are guided by a single vision to make data fun.  It’s not simple to do, and it’s more than just offering pretty little graphics that twinkle and shine.  It is about being fully involved experts in the wider world of FMCG/CPG trends, patterns and challenges.   Then it’s about using that knowledge to create systems that continue to support needs, and begin to challenge the status quo.

Not only do we love working with data, but it is our mission to ensure that you love it too; through carefully crafted systems that turn data in to insights, fast.

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With nothing to lose, why not try Ultralysis for a month, totally free of charge.  You’ll love the system, and you’ll love how well we work together.  At the worst, you may discover Ultralysis is not right for you.  Or you might just discover a system that will change the way you work with your data, forever.