SELL-IN DATA PROCESSING done better than anybody else.

Sell-In data generated by internal systems is rarely simple to analyse.  Where I.T teams “just don’t get it”, WE do.  Taking your internal BW generate data and creating industry-leading analytics for your users.

Ultralysis works as stunningly well with your internal Shipments data as it does with POS data.  In fact, many of our clients choose Ultralysis to process and display their Shipments data internally because they love what we do with their EPOS data.

We can augment your data with Customer, Director and Retailer regions within our own database, which means you are not waiting on your own I.T teams to redevelop existing reports.  In short, we make your data relevant to your exact needs, completely independently of your existing core enterprise solution.

Even better, because your users may already know the Ultralysis interface because of their EPOS reporting needs, there is no new learning required for them to use Ultralysis for Shipments Data.  We adopt the same layouts and models to ensure cognitive continuity between all our platforms, making our system effectively “plug and play”.


Our Client had a challenge with effectively communicating daily sales updates to the National Account team.  Their systems were SAP based.  Whilst the integrity of the data was not in question, there was a clear problem with the way that data was reported.  I.T. teams took a view that existing systems were sufficient because “one way or another” it was possible to get the data out, push it to Excel and then report on it:  The all too common position of an I.T. department.

Ultralysis understands that this mindset is restrictive, and results do not follow.

We delivered a web based reporting platform that read flat CSV files generated from SAP.  In a moment, we transformed the usability of the data in a way that required no change to the existing enterprise system.  Ultralysis became that final important report layer that was so clearly missing.

The result is that Ultralysis is now regarded as the go-to reporting solution, safe in the knowledge that the data has come from the internal DW.

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