Data on its own is meaningless.  It is only when that data is crunched and presented that real value can be extracted.

Most often, the real value in data comes when you are able to identify sales/store problems, which you can then work with the retailer to fix.  This might include zero-sales, instock problems, or phantom inventory.  It will also include stock analysis, weeks/day cover, and sell-thru.

However, using such large data on a regular basis is a massive time drain.  While you or your company may not have the resources to allocate resources to this job, you can engage Ultralysis to do all the work for you, in just seconds.


It’s of little use to learn on Friday that a particular store is out of stock of your key product.  You would much prefer to know earlier in the week.  However, this requires somebody to perform some complicated analysis, and this is easier said than done.  Other things inevitably get in the way, and therefore threats are not recognised, and opportunities are lost.

Ultralysis performs complex analysis in seconds.  Not hours and days.  We keep things simple, and give you outputs that you can action with Head Office, with a Field Team, or with the Store directly.

SHELF AUDIT support.

Many of our clients have field teams that call in to stores to ensure planogram compliance.  Before Ultralysis, the field team was armed with a paper binder, some tick sheets, and an ounce of luck in the hope that their store visit is actually worthwhile.

With Ultralysis it is a whole different story.  We digest planogram data, and blend it with sales data patterns to first identify where a store visit is required.  No more wasted journeys.  We then provide tablet based shelf audit checks to replace those wasteful inefficient decks of paper.  Right on screen we show the store visitor what the fixture is meant to look like,  and use visual beacons to tell the field executive exactly where to look for their products.   With Ultralysis, this becomes the perfect store visit! No more wasted time.

FIELD AGENCIES use Ultralysis to provide killer insights to their own teams and clients.  Pushing this function to us leaves them to focus on providing ROI.

Many of our clients have field teams that engage Ultralysis for one simple reason.  Ultralysis is established in providing quick, actionable insights, at a cost and service level that makes an internal solution the wrong business move.

We beleive in creating networks that add value to FMCG clients, and are happy to work with Field Teams, Brokers, and other in-store activity data-collectors to create meta propositions that go beyond the limits of single-agency capabilities.

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With nothing to lose, why not try Ultralysis for a month, totally free of charge.  You’ll love the system, and you’ll love how well we work together.  At the worst, you may discover Ultralysis is not right for you.  Or you might just discover a system that will change the way you work with your data, forever.